The Blog

 Hey all! Thank you for visiting my blog! I am so excited to have my own little internet home, where I can share my life with you!

Initially going into this, I wanted to create a blog where I could talk about everything and anything under the sun. I thought it would be a great idea, because  I could cover all topics and not be limited. I wanted to talk about fashion, parenting, my personal life, beauty, my hobbies and whatever else my little heart desired. I wanted to target ALL audiences and not single anyone out.

As I did more and more thinking, realization, and research, I saw that that’s not what I wanted and (in my opinion) wasn’t a good idea. I want to reach out and help others. Spread awareness, from my perspective and personal experience. I want to be as authentic, real and raw as possible. And I know now, that I can, by basing my blog on one topic. One very important part of my life.

With that being said, I have decided to blog all about my mental illness. My anxiety, depression and mood disorder. I’ll be blogging abut how it all began, my triggers, my long hard journey, and how I am still coping with it. I’ll not only talk through my perspective (the main perspective), but give you the perspective of other people in my life. I’ll be talking about how it affected them, how they dealt with it, and what they learned from it.

I hope you are ready to embark on this journey with me! You won’t be disappointed!