How I stay Organized: With Apps & Other Methods!

In this post, you will read on how I keep and stay organized! From the apps I use everyday, to other methods like list making and other easy things that can be done at home without electronics! So grab a snack and get ready to be the most organized person ever!

At home organizing (1)

At Home Organizing:

Let’s face it. Trying to maintain a clean organized house is nearly impossible to do! Right?!

So to make it easier for me, I try to pick up after doing something in a room and at the end of each night. So that way, when it comes time to doing a thorough cleaning on Sunday, it’s not so hard and not so time-consuming! Now I get that at the end of the night, you are exhausted from the days work, but the next morning when you wake up to a somewhat tidy home, you’ll be glad you forced yourself to take the ten minutes to do a quick pick up of the house! Trust me! This is a good quick task to add to your nightly routine. Remember don’t overdo it! It should only take you ten minutes to do the quick pick up! You’ll have Sunday (or whatever designated day for cleaning you have) to do the rest of the “hard” stuff!


At home organizing

Life Organizing: 

Life gets very hectic.  With working, volunteering, driving the children to school, and to the after school activities, doctor’s appointments, and anything in between, we tend to forget to do even the smallest of things or even the important things that I said above.

However, to make my life a little less hectic,  I make lists! Lists are my best friend. I make them for any and everything. You name it, I have a list for it! From groceries, to do’s, important deadlines, working schedules, to wish lists! I get so much satisfaction out of making lists. It puts my mind at ease.

I make my lists in different forms for different purposes. I write the down with good old pen and paper for when I’m home, and electronically on my phone for when I’m on the go. Below are the apps I use to make lists for every day use and for organizing my blog as well.

The first two I use for my lists or any random note taking I need to do. I use these daily! Google Keep links with your Gmail and is free to use and download.

The second ones I utilize for my blog planning and networking. Trello is where I organize all the content. From upcoming posts, future posts, collaborations, guest posts and courses. Later is where I pre-plan and schedule my Instagram posts.  They both are also free to use and download.

I definitely recommend them!

So with these few tips and tricks, I hope your life can be a little less hectic and a little more organized! If you try any of these out, please comment and let me know!




One thought on “How I stay Organized: With Apps & Other Methods!

  1. I get great satisfaction out of being organized, and I also use Notes and Google Keep. I feel like Google Keep isn’t quite up to the strong, effortless functionality of other Google apps, but it’s still better than anything else I’ve found.


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