Yoga and Meditation

IMG_3149Another important part of my personal development is yoga and meditation. I just recently started with the yoga, so I’m not a professional by any means! So don’t think you have to be either! What helps me, is watching videos on Instagram and YouTube. I love to do yoga and meditate when I’m feeling especially anxious or depressed. I put on whatever music I’m feeling at the moment, and just get going! I usually meditate  or do some yoga for about fifteen minutes.

The good thing about meditation is, you can do it anywhere! At home, in your office at work, or even in your car or whatever mode of transportation you take! There is no such thing as the wrong place or the wrong time. And no, you don’t need a fancy mat or yoga clothes to do it. Just lay out a blanket, throw on some old sweats and a t-shirt, and you’re good to go! There honestly no “right” way to meditate or do yoga. You just do what your heart feels!

So the next time you feel down, just drop whatever you’re doing and go do some yoga and meditate! I guarantee you’ll feel so much better after! Below are some easy poses you can try! Let me know how you enjoyed it and if you plan on making this a habit!


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