2018 Book Club

IMG_3146This year, I am all about personal development and taking care of myself. And part of that, is reading more. I was never a reader when I was younger. In fact, I hated it. But now, I am all for reading a good book! I especially love self help books. Reading that genre, really helps me become more confident and aware of myself. It helps me stay motivated and excited to be my own mentor! Reading, really helps with my mental illness. I hope it helps you too!

 I made a list of books I want to read this year and would love for you to read along as well! You can read at your own pace and don’t have to read all of them. Although, that is the goal!  I’ve already read one on the list called, Make Your Bed. I definitely recommend that one! Now, before going out and buying some or all, I strongly suggest checking out your local library first! That’s where I found most of mine! Comment below and let me know which one you chose first and how you’re liking it so far!

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