Tips & Advice

Here are some tips and advice for handling depression. Some are my own and some are from other resources that I will link for you to check out. 

» Maintain a healthy diet!

This doesn’t mean to go on a diet. This means to simply make healthier choices in your eating habits. Instead of eating chips, opt for a fruit or a veggie! This also means to cut down on caffeine, alcohol processed foods and sugars. It’s a proven fact that the healthier you eat the happier you are! Below is a link to a video of one of my favorite YouTubers. She speaks about what foods you can eat to help you with your depression! (Disclosure: I got full permission from her to post the link to her video) Click the link below and it will take you straight to the video!

» Exercise!

Don’t worry! If you’re not a “fit” person, you can still do easy things to get some exercise. You can just go for a walk! Whether it be in your neighborhood, local park or even your local mall. Get up and get going! Get some sun! Vitamin D is so important for our bodies. Go to the beach, go for that walk, go to your backyard. Just get out and soak in that sun! (Wear that SPF though!) Do some yoga or some Zumba! Whatever you choose, get your heart pumping and that blood flowing!

» Communication!

Please don’t hesitate to talk it out! Talk to your family, friends, or even a therapist. Just get it all out. You are not a burden, annoying or bothering anyone. I promise. It’s not healthy to keep in all your emotions and issues. The more you keep in, the more depressed you’ll be. It doesn’t matter if you cry either. Crying is good. Its a relief. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

» Personal Development!

This means to have some “you” time. Set aside at least two days a week for yourself. Take a bath, read a book, start a journal, watch your favorite show, silence your phone and meditate, or even start a new hobby! What I also suggest is to have a morning routine. Get up early, brush those teeth, take a shower, eat a hardy breakfast, get dressed and start your day! Even if you don’t have anything planned, set out on a new adventure! Having a good routine at the start of your day not only sets you up for a productive life, but makes you feel amazing! It gets you motivated to do something everyday! You may not want to do this at first, but I guarantee you, if you force yourself and start small, you’ll love it and want to do more!

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